“Be courteous to all, but close with few.
Let go of those few who gossip about others and come to confide in you.
Trust grows with time, but is respect innate?
Seeing how a person accepts to be treated says a lot about the way they will eventually treat others.
Friendship is earned, and you need to differentiate between friendship and acquaintances.
In short, this is the story of connections; stay connected, but know how tight!”

#MOI I say it’s time to filter toxic spirits out of our lives!

I am the author sharing my experience & telling you if you ever get a chance to read my books, remember,

It’s a life, not a book;
It’s a human, not a character;
It’s reality & not a story!

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Check my biography: Where is My Angel? The book reminds us of the statement in the synopsis: Fate came with her birth, but destiny was in her own hands.

Read the books, get inspired…

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*Where is My Angel? —–> about the role of faith in my life
*Mommy, I am a PACER!—–> because I believe that children are the future, the change…
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