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“Were you a bully… at school?
Are you a bully, as adult?

Bullying, the disease of the century, the no remedy disease except by conscience, by parent’s acknowledgment, therapy, and follow up!
Yes, harsh, but truth be told, and truth it is.

But why would a child gets his emotions out and hurt others?
Well, in short, bullies were hurt, neglected, not heard, not seen at home, not getting attention, hurt at home, ignored, helpless… they want to feel existence so therefore they overpower others, manipulate them, gossip, attack their victims physically, cause them emotional stress, social isolation, in a way that will make them feel stronger; once the victims are isolated, they feel cool & good about the fact that others are following them, ignoring the closeness out of fear, and that is when they celebrate success!

How do bullies pick their victims… usually, they prey on the quiet, shy, and those with high grades, who are better athlete, liked by the instructors, those with characteristics of long-term success… they make them feel jealous, so they try to smash them.

Does bullying happen only at children and school age?
Well, bullying, if not treated will extend to adulthood, at home, in friendship, and the workplace.
& Dealing with adult bullying should not happen quietly, it should be confronted, professionally, fearlessly but smartly!
Adult bullying can drag, hurt way more, because it could affect people’s relationships and career.

Q. So, Were you a bully… at school? Are you a bully, as adult?
A. Well, you are not stronger, you are sick, get psychological help!
Q. & Were you a victim of bullying during childhood, and as an adult?
A. Well, you did not do anything wrong, stand stronger, and say no, and talk to a therapist about it!”

#MOI unfortunately, bullying does not stop until the victims stand and confront the bullies, yes, after emotional damage, but it must happen!

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