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Welcome to Interviews and Introduction of Rising Authors #17,
I am #MOI, the host, Badiaa, & tonight we are getting to know Author Fahmid Hassan Prohor.

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Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author, help me welcome to my page, Author Fahmid Hassan Prohor!

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Join me to congratulate Fahmid Hassan Prohor for his book titled Peaceland Trilogy, published August 1, 2020, with the publishing house Ek Ronga Ek Ghuri.
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AUTHOR’S FULL NAME: Fahmid Hassan Prohor
BOOK TITLE: Peaceland Trilogy
BOOK GENRE: Fantasy, Mythology, Action, and Adventure
LINK TO BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Peaceland-Trilogy-Fahmid-Hassan-Prohor-ebook/dp/B08F4MC8VJ
PUBLISHING DATE: August 1, 2020 (originally released October 19 2018)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh (July 14th). He has a younger brother. At the age of 10, he won World Environment Day competition. After lots of failed attempts Two of his writings in blog, ‘Sergio Maria’ and ‘The Rebel Trilogy’ changed his life. He’s a perfectionist when he writes novels once a year. He writes stories in a serial format. Olive oil is his first comedy novel to date and The Rebel Trilogy is his first novel to be published in lulu. He also writes in a magazine, Reflection Wander Mag W&R. Society’s Acceptance is a social drama novel to be a hit in blogs and other promotions in Social Networking Sites. He became the top 39 reviewers and top 38 librarians in ‘Goodreads.com’. He is educated in Advanced Level Certification. His novels are recently available in Amazon-the prestigious ecommerce site. He’s now called as ‘Essence Writer’ given by The Reflection Team. He currently won an accolade for Wattpad Ambassadors India’s ‘The Golden Bird Award’ for his fantasy novella series, ‘Peaceland Trilogy’.

It is a tribute to the Japanese Animation with different kinds of folktales and fairy tales. It’s a story of legacy and unreliable narration that come to place in the concluding chapter ‘Farewell Peaceland’.

LISTENING TO THE WILDS- There are things that we often misunderstand as the difference between ego, obsession and love as well as the aspects of the human and the animal nature. Everyone has a choice. The question is what do you choose? Our human emotions are unpredictable that none might understand their motive. As we all know ‘failure is the pillar of success’, this is the story of our fellow mate-Abdul Khan. Whether you see him, always remember that we all have flaws underneath. To overcome, never criticize people who actually try to redeem themselves. Before you judge someone, remember-none are perfect as well as their views.

A LOST LEAF- Life is not a one-way word that is described by the thousands that similarly contrasts to the words such as love. Everyone acts that we are actually under the reality but in reality we create the other reality that exists everywhere. We like a lost leaf that even gives a similar quote: failure is a pillar of success. Knowing is not an experience, but seeing is. Knowledge is not power but using knowledge is power. That similarly happened to our fellow patient, Abdul’s great-grandfather The Emperor Shahbaz whom we heard from Abdul’s book ‘Listening to the Wilds’ but we could not get a clear view upon the Emperor except for the major parts despite that it was mention in Abdul’s life in the wilds, I mean, The Spirit World of Peaceland.

FAREWELL PEACELAND- These are the lines that are banging in my head. I am becoming a little old, it’s funny, right? This time, I am playing a bigger role because this is the final time, our readers will explore the world of Peaceland with a goodbye, never expected.

WORD FROM THE AUTHOR TO THE READER- The mystical world that I created to revisit our childhood memories. Hence, my dear readers, I would say that this novel is more than a fantasy novella trilogy. This world shows the contradictory views of man vs. nature with an unreliable narrative to a certain incident which could reveal during the time being. My people, I may write as to cope with my sorrow, but I also try to share it with my stories. We all have our flaws to accept. This story might have a similar plot but with a different narrative as the exposure of history could repeat itself. No one is perfect, because, like you all, I am also a guy-next-door, but some have quite the extraordinary adventures, if you all could see it in a different perception with a struggle, or a journey to provide. If you are interested to have a read, you are humbly welcome to come to my journey. As we all say, ‘together, we must change the world’.

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