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Welcome to Interviews and Introduction of Rising Authors #5, and if
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Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author, Welcome to my page Grace Grossman

Being an internationally published author, an active blogger, and a social media advocate. My followers are real, and I believe in working together via different means to provide and see change taking place with fellow authors.
During the confinement, I launched my I channel on YouTube, where I conducted live interviews with over 60 guests to entertain my audience but mainly to promote online businesses and raise continuous awareness about different topics; & here is where the idea of promoting authors came from.
Therefore I invited authors to join me, with simple interviews to introduce them to the world, and help them get their voice heard, in the hoping that one of the clicks will be the magic button to their success!

Join me to congratulate Grace Grossman for her book, don’t forget to like the post and write your review if you have a chance to read their book Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide

Sharing the book title: Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide

About the author

Grace Grossmann is a writer, author, qualified Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach based in Berlin, Germany.

Through eBooks and paperbacks, Grossmann shares her wisdom as learned through the hard times life has taken her through and shows us how we can remain resilient and come out stronger than we went in. Her voice is honest and vulnerable – something people can feel and hear when reading her words. She is raw and real. Her words are there to share and care as well as show you it’s ok to not be OK. Remember this: find faith. 

Through helping you with blogs or copy writing, she can share her clear voice for a reasonable price as a freelance writer. Through offering coaching sessions, she helps guide you to find your truth and feel happy and healthy when dealing with hardships such as anxiety. She asks the right questions and probes tough love so you end up showing yourself your answer that lies within. Through her yoga sessions, she leads you to find grace and gratitude on the mat as well as smile – don’t take life too seriously

Book Synopsis

Now is your time to chill out and cheer up. Learn to acknowledge, accept and become aware of who you are by welcoming in self-love. Be free, be you. You can’t control the world around us, but we may find ways to stillness, happiness, and brightness in everyday life. Screw being positive all the time; none of us can be. It’s about how you feel and finding your flow. One step at a time. 

This ten-step guide is split into two sections: first focusing on four negative feelings then six positive steps to seek out stillness within. Our western world has distilled a toxic type of mentality in us all, causing us to constantly seek approval and further development – it is too much. We are urged to seek out fulfilment in every corner that cannot guarantee long-lasting hope, rather than trust what is within and let our heart guide us. The struggle of the rat race is real, but finding balance is the real deal. This book will show you how your answer lies within, reached through the practice of self-acceptance, awareness, and love.

Where can I find Grace’s book


WORD FROM THE AUTHOR to the reader

Nowadays, we question what leading a happy life entails, how to be satisfied. We end up wasting our energy away, looking for happiness and not living it the right way. What even is the right way!? We follow the path that is supposedly set out to us by societal stresses and cunning commercials, steering us in the direction of Always. Wanting. More. When in your twenties, thirties, even sixties, we often question what’s happening. Let’s heal together.

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