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“Why can’t I stop crying!

Yesterday, I lost my cousin to COVID, he lost the battle, although I told him to hold strong, not to let go… yet, he lost!
& I am crying now, have been crying since, and Oh Lord, I cannot stop!
As I was standing out on my balcony, staring at the skies, waving him to fly safely to eternal life, I started wondering why was I crying so much…
I know his departure made me sad, broke my heart, the call to his mom devastated me, a die solo thought ate me alive, his wife and kids alone while us not able to hug them, be with them, and stand by them, made me feel as if I was betraying him, yet, it was more…
Thinking about the COVID patients, sleeping alone, living the fear alone, the pain, the anxiety, the solitude, makes me wonder, how are they feeling?
Am I scared? Am I worried? Am I anxious?
Well, I guess it is all of the above; I know I am, and I know I am sad for my cousin, for all those losing the battle for #covid… My heart has always been with you, but I guess now I know better how you feel!
Dear cousin, our angel in heaven,
you shall be missed, and instead of crying your death, I will try and remember your smile, and celebrate your life among us…
Until we meet again!
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