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“What does it take to please a woman?
Well, I tell, out of the experience, it is easier than one could think!
Age is important, and relevant to the need, but we all want the same thing.
Probably, there is a priority, acts that come one after the other, but basically, it’s always the same package.

A man approached me via Facebook messenger. Usually, when I receive a friend request, I check how long he has been on social media, his posts, whether he has extreme affiliations and statuses, I try to understand his character from his posts, whether he ever posted real photos or has a famous person as his own photo, I try to see whether he has men among his friends or whether he is collecting women, I check the comments on his posts and common friends, and if he passes, I accept the friendship request with my policy of innocent until proven guilty and reservation in communication!
I usually do not extend to phone communication but after few attempts, having common friends, I decided to speak to him.
Hello, Hello… Of course, he was married, with the version of living under the same roof, different rooms, still together for the sake of the children.
I am not yet giving you my opinion on that, I am simply reporting facts.
When I knew and directly guessed he was married, I pulled back; of course, he was complimenting me for being a strong woman, beautiful, and how much he admires my posts… to me, the conversation ended when I guessed he was married.
He tried to push the conversation talking about me, so I told him, you appreciate strong woman, does that mean you are going to answer and accept my words, his answer was yes! so I started, you know, I wish you invest the time while talking to me on your wife, instead of wasting it on a stranger! Marriage is a business investment in the family you dreamed about, and as you have expectations from your wife, she does too. He answered offensively, I come home tired, with a lot on my mind, bla bla, and she is not there to… I said to what? he wanted to take the conversation in the intimate direction thinking he would intimidate me, so I asked when was the last time you offered your wife a flower, he answered I always do on Mother’s Day, because the woman is first and last a mother, I treat her as I treat my mother; I stopped him, I said you have an intimate relationship with your wife, your respect her motherhood, but you have to treat her as a woman… He cut the conversation, made the mistake of admitting the flower was one of the fights they argued about, and then when I told him that many times the couple forget they are husband and wife, and they need to work on each other to keep the sparkle of passion alive, he claimed he received a visitor and hung up!

To say no more, relationships are an investment, and it is up to the couple to make them succeed. I am not saying there are no blocked endings, I am saying if one wants to invest in love, the partner has the priority!
This topic is a long debate, that comes in different versions, but this was one out of many!”
#MOI when it comes to love, invest in passion!

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