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Author to Author: Interview #3 with Antonio Rolando Arenas

Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author!
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During the confinement, I launched my I channel on YouTube, where I conducted live interviews with over 60 guests to entertain my audience but mainly to promote online businesses and raise continuous awareness about different topics; & here is where the idea of promoting authors came from.
Therefore I invited authors to join me, with simple interviews to introduce them to the world, and help them get their voice heard, in the hoping that one of the clicks will be the magic button to their success!

Join me to congratulate Antonio Rolando Arenas on his book, don’t forget to like the post and write your review if you have a chance to read their book
Interview with the author Antonio Rolando Arenas
By Badiaa Hiresh (Author of Where is My Angel? & Mommy, I am a PACER!)

Author’s full name & Pen Name if available: ANTONIO ROLANDO ARENAS

International Standard Book Number – ISBN: 9781005736392 – Language: Spanish

Book title: EL JUEGO DE LOS ERRORES (The game of mistakes)
Publishing date & Publisher: OCT. 10, 2020 – SMASHWORDS

About the Author:
Nació en Mendoza (Argentina), en 1962.

Obtuvo el título de Master of Arts with a Major in Modern Languages en Almeda University (USA, 2010), es Diplomado en Gestión Pública de la Provincia de Mendoza por la Escuela de Gobierno y Administración de la provincia de Mendoza – FCPyS, UN de Cuyo (Mendoza, 2012), es Profesor de Lengua y Literatura para el tercer ciclo de la EGB de la Educación Polimodal por el Instituto Superior del Profesorado PT-14 Escuela Italiana (Mendoza, 2013) y es Diplomado en Historia Argentina en Latinoamérica por la Escuela de Gobierno y Administración de la provincia de Mendoza-Instituto de Revisionismo Histórico Argentino e Iberoamericano Manuel Dorrego (Mendoza, 2015).

Recibió el diploma del Curso Profesional de Analista Químico. Neptunos Formación. España, 2018.

He was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1962.

He obtained a Master of Arts degree with a Major in Modern Languages from Almeda University (USA, 2010), a Diploma in Public Management from the Province of Mendoza from the School of Government and Administration of mendoza province – FCPyS, UN de Cuyo (Mendoza, 2012), is Professor of Language and Literature for the third cycle of the EGB of Polymodal Education by the Instituto Superior del Profesorado PT-14 Escuela Italiana (Mendoza, 2013) and is a Diploma in Argentine History in Latin America from the School of Government and Administration of the province of Mendoza-Institute of Argentine and Ibero-American Historical Revisionism Manuel Dorrego (Mendoza, 2015).

He received a diploma from the Professional Course of Chemical
Analyst. Neptunes Formation. Spain, 2018.

He published the book Interrogantes, the book The Buffet Page; a different literary publication and the book Internal Dialogues.
Publicó el libro Interrogantes, el libro La página del buffet; una publicación literaria diferente, el libro Diálogos internos y el libro El juego de los errores.

Book Synopsis:

El juego de los errores is the fourth book published by this author and it brings together the first stories, the first stories, that he has written since 1987 and they are not related to each other since each text is independent of the other. What are they about? They are narratives that are born from life experiences, where the author moves away from poetry, uses aspects of reality typical of journalism to arrive at the narrative and fictionalizes in a plot that belongs to a possible world. Says the author “I took the title of one of the stories, to represent the book. It is a rare title, meaning it is not found in other books often.

The new book by the Latin American writer Antonio Rolando Arenas is already on Barnes & Noble “El juego de los errores” with its main narrative successes “Un error en Borges”, “No creas en Natalia”, “Un periodista sin trabajo” in which narrates the vicissitudes of the newspaper HOY, “Otra vez sangre”, “El diario de una villa” with which he won the Ana María Agüero Melnyczuk Prize for Research – 2014, and that merit made him realize this book. 
Also in: Apple Books, Rakuten Kobo, Scribd, bol, Mondadori Stores and Smashwords. 

What would you like to say to the readers, a word from the heart.

I am very excited about the result of this book because I have managed to enter the different online bookstores that promote my book through Google. I have access to different interviews in which I can express my feelings, my intentions and my experience as a prominent author with a career that goes beyond the city where I live. I am reaching readers from other countries and I find satisfaction in projecting myself with my book written in Spanish.
I know that there are readers who expect my literature in English, so I share here the narrative “ON THE STEP”.

Antonio Rolando Arenas(ALL REPORTED BY THE AUTHOR)