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“When I decided the end, I was actually planning a new beginning!

It is sad that girls at a young age, when they imagine the future, it is partly about love, the proposal, the wedding, the flowers… they dream, and at times, they plan… As I recall, I barely had that dream, I wanted to make someone of myself, I wanted a big family, I wanted to cook, I wanted to be the factory providing the beautiful product, I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to tell the story!
All I did, back then, was write. At school, I wrote; at bedtime, I wrote in my diary; and my outings were writing at the beach…

So why I started with the statement, it is sad, because it is important to know at a young age, and it is important to tell our young girls, that, one day, when they stand at that crossroad, to decide on the future, the focus of the wedding, is rather the marriage, how to work on the unity, how to overcome obstacles, how to get used to live the couple successfully, and make a WE that was once an I, and how most importantly it is to invest in that wedding picture while making a home of the dream house!

Crossroads, we face them many times in life; with people, places, jobs, and state of mind… what matters is how we deal with them and perceive change.
Well, a topic deep at the heart of every step in our life, widely and honestly discussed heart to heart in my novel-biography Where is My Angel?”

#MOI there is a beginning for something every new day, make the best out of it!

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