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Happy 1st and Blessed New Year🎉🎉
A year like no other, what can I say
but at least we had a zoom drink & dinner with each other
better than the 1919 pandemic days
when people wondered whether dead or alive

I wish some sense into people’s minds
Beirut was Chaotic and people got wild
Drinking and Dancing in house and out
No masks, hugging and kissing the year goodbye
Please God save this world and all
Use your magic wand and strike us all
I wish to cross the upcoming healthy and sane
So I can visit and hug you to wish you a better year

My poem does not rhyme
similarly those days
but who has put the rules
other than probably those breaking it

Thanks to the tech world
I was not alone
and now I connect with you
to share the chronicle

Happy Blessed 1st
Hope to see you between the 1st and the last of 2021!
Hugs & Kisses