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“Sleepless nights… I guess I am not alone.
I try turning off the light, turning off the TV, turning off my brain activity, I try focusing on one spot, I shut down all living skills, but guess what… I could not imagine that the time I decide to let go and sleep, I find myself in touch with my inner-self!

Leave it be, I say to myself, but what I hear is the echo of my own voice talking, at this specific moment when I realize that the purity of my thoughts becomes so clear that I can easily see the flow of my blood and touch my pounding heart.

Do I really want to reach that level, at that specific time of the night when I am struggling to sleep?
Do I really want to analyze the way I feel about people in my life?
Do I really want to accept others’ actions and give them my consent?
Do I really want to be the only one concerned about others’ feelings?
Do I really want my soul to be looking at me and questioning my answers when I pretend I am fine and strong and okay with other’s actions?

Truly, not the best time… not the time to think about actions, nor the time to evaluate those who did them!

Verdict out, I reached a decision the early hours of sunrise when I was looking at the first rays of the sun invading the darkness of the universe… A new day, new thoughts, people shall remain who they are, but I shall define who I am, and what I do with my life!”
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