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“Signs, Plans, & Actions…
Well, when I read those words, write them, or even think about them, it summarizes, the way I see life.
Let me tell you about me, I am a woman in my 5th decade, exactly how old does not matter, at times I feel younger, other times I feel like a comeback and I know what is coming next. I have two daughters whom I kind of drew their path in my mind while I wonder whether I pushed them in that direction, yet in reality, I know I never did.
The trail of my life, as far back as I can remember, disregarding the blocked memories and phases, and going back even farther to the dream of a ten years’ old child, it creeps me out that some of it relate to today’s existence.
Age is just a number, we all say so, I feel younger now than most people around me of the same age, while I always felt older than my childhood and young adults friends, wiser at that specific phase, and more mature in terms of accepting the outcome of different situations and life whether mine or theirs and reacting to them differently…
Is that what we call maturity, it could be fear, succumb, hiding, disappearing… yes, I know at times it happened to feel this way, but I am talking about maturity when you can analyse and assess situations that require people of experience and years alive to analyze properly, anyways, this is not what I am discussing, I am talking about age, the number of years one lives.
Moving to plans, are we part of a plan, do we come to this world planned? of course, yet I am talking about the bigger plan. I believe in the non-dying soul, in some cultures they believe in reincarnation but I believe in the continuous living soul, I believe that the body is a rental, but the soul continues through our children… How? not sure, but I believe it does, through what we give them between “worldanian’ matters and “non-worldanian”.
Still, I am talking about the bigger plan, the plan of the Master of the Puzzle. I believe there is a picture drawn for each one of us, this picture is a Master plan, but it is up to us to place the pieces in the right place or make amendments, those amendments could be in the middle, others could be to enlarge the border and that is when we draw a bigger picture for our life when we are blessed with that vision, the vision that has a price though our actions.
Last, our actions, they are steps and decisions at crossroads. Some are classics, they follow the commandments of life, the rituals of families, religions, and norms, others go off track where dreams and dreamers fly away to enlarge the main picture of the puzzle, but of course at the price of changing the inside of the main commandments, rituals, religions, and norms… are those dreamers non-religious, non-believers in the norms of families and life, no, we aren’t, we just believe that we are dreamers and we can fulfill our dream!

In reality, I believe in signs. If it shines, when I see rainbows, if I see a coin on the street, if I pray for something then seeing a dove… you can call it seeing the best in every situation… But what do you call the day of Dec 21, 2013, when a car hit me on the street, few days before the best season ever, Christmas, the season I dream about the whole year, where like a child I still wait for Santa Clause, what do you call that day. Well, my life flashed in front of my eyes, when I was laying down on the street, helpless, in fear you would think, am I dead? the emotional pain was stronger than the physical one, probably because fear numbed my body that was totally not hurt, but all I was thinking about, when I stand up, I am gonna make the best of this day, on! That was my sign to stand and move forward.
I believe in Plans, I believe they are drawn and predetermined.
As for Actions, I see it as a blessing to have this intrinsic motivation to make this world, (ours, myself and near loved ones, and probably for others, the extended co-existing ones) a better place, or might be a different place based on our vision!

Dear friends, we all see signs here and there, some of us believe they were there as an alert positive or negative, others see them as a step on the way. As for the plans and actions, I believe in two things, the question WHAT IF THINGS HAD TOOK A DIFFERENT TURN, WHAT IF… and what I said in my book Where is My Angel?

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