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“Today’s series of unfortunate events:
*I woke up to go to work and as I was heading to the car I realized i had left car and house keys at home
*I asked the janitor about the spare car keys, he didn’t have any, but, the car has been open since Friday afternoon, no comment on that part, i was at bed rest because of my back pain, anyways
*the janitor had the spare key to my house, I took it, got my car keys and left
*As I drove off to work, I realized that there was a light seeking attention on the board, I thought it was the oil although it looked like the brakes light, so I stopped by the gas station, turned out the oil was on the low level,filled some oil, and left while the brakes light were still on
*I got to work, as I was leaving, the car wouldn’t run, so I looked up asking for a signal, call a cab, sleep in the office or so…. the car started!
I left, suddenly the brakes light turned off!
The best part, I had pizza for dinner and didn’t choke 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️!”

MOI I guess the year is wrapping up and only beautiful moments lies ahead

Thank you God for taking good care of me during this day
KEEP FAITH, I tripped but didn’t fall!