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“Dear readers,

I know I have been away for a while, but as some of you may have heard, I live in Lebanon 🇱🇧, a beautiful country, undergoing serious revolution since 28 days against corruption in the governmental system. At this stage, we succeeded to drop the current government, but awaiting the forming of a new non-political one formed by specialists in their field.

Lebanon is a country that has petroleum and gas, discovered early 1920’s and waiting for the first digging to take place early December 2019, after many postponed attempts and deals with the neighboring countries, the natural resource, once started, it is said, it will generate our country a 24 hours electricity, while enough to sell to our neighbors, as well as petroleum. Why it never happened, corruption!

Additionally, around 850 billion dollars stole by out politicians over the past 30 years and placed in banks abroad. In addition to much more!

Google Beirut Lebanon and read about the peaceful revolution by the people. Join our prayers and attempts!

I promise to come back soon!