“How long should one wait?
A question we ask ourselves when we trying to find a loophole that will help us breach a contract.
Sadly true, especially when one feels alone, helpless, and empty.
The strategy of the isolator is to make their partner feel diminished, helpless, in need of them, belittled, giving them what is needed to survive but never additions to enjoy, and last not giving them space to think.
The victim then starts living in a lack of oxygen mode and their only strategy becomes survival mode.
The victim feels chained, believing they are seeking out, they are waiting for an opportunity, trying to find a loophole, but their mind is fearing freedom, the open space, fearing the unknown, simply because, to them, the walls give them something tangible while freedom is just an endless opportunity too vast where they might be invisible.
The victim, although, can start living free in his soul, but even there, he is chained with fear…

Fear not, your mind is your first safe place, do not let your isolator inhibit it!
Fear not, your soul can fly you farther than you think!
Fear not, you are capable, you are strong, you can do it!

Free your mind, reset your mind, let your mind trust the horizon, seek freedom, seek happiness!”
#MOI the world we live in…

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