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“The Handshake… it is the most common body language for greeting, agreement, peace, but, I am talking about a specific handshake, I am talking about the one symbolizing  unity, commitment, partnership, and not any handshake, the one that just precedes the love kiss, I am discussing the handshake of the longest and most committed partnership, Marriage!

Did you ever think about that handshake… whether married, divorced, in a relationship outside the box, or in a promised unity, did you ever think about your initial handshake.
Did you ever wonder why you pulled your hand back after you had already given the sign of commitment?
Did you ever wonder why you can no longer see the hand of your partner?
Did you ever wonder how your so-called half feels when laying near you at night?
Did you ever wonder whether your so-called half’s soul is with you while laying down near you?
Did you ever wonder what makes one’s commitment change?
Did you ever miss the half you married?
Did you ever realize that you could have changed?
When did you last surprise your partner with a rose?
When did you stop being in love?
When did you stop looking at your partner passionately?
When did you hug last, and to say no more, for censorship reasons, when did you last make …. and not have …? and if you cannot fill the blank with the proper words, do not continue reading!

The handshake, it is a blessing. It is a blessing for you and that person that entrusted his hand with yours. of course, if you know its meaning.
The day you commit to your promise, your life should change to fulfill a joint venture, make new memories, and prosper while growing.
Wait, is that a business or marriage? Well, it is an investment and it is up to you to discover the difference; if any!
Last advice: Do not reheat the tea, it will get very dark!”

#MOI because once you are deceived, I don’t know which is worst, trusting again or trusting the same person twice!

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