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“The mind, prime medicine towards healing…
Yesterday I was talking to my friend regarding a situation she has, and told her, use your mind, it is the prime medicine towards healing!
Then going through a gray path, I posted on Facebook “It’s the thinking part that is more difficult!” #MOI

Yes, it is, and no matter what we preach, and how positive we are, there are times we need to hit bottom before we bounce again. (Where is My Angel?) check Chapter 16

So this morning, as I woke up while was still in my gray path despite the message I had received from Mary,  telling me to be ready for the transformation in my life, I sat there having my coffee, watching TV silently, I felt like a zombie, don’t know if you ever felt similarly, then told myself, Badiaa, if you want to leave the house, you have to open the door, if the door is locked, then unlock it, if the key is lost, then find it, and there are no keys, find another way out; Exactly, it is your mind that will take you out!

So, out we go; Mary was just a #reminder, and mostly it is my mind that made her send the message; it could be the chitchat I had yesterday with my MOM that made Mary send me that message, probably it was her way of answering me; all I know, I have a good feeling about the other way out, I believe if I take the first step, something will guide me towards the rainbow path!”
#MOI My Mind, The Healer

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