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“Teamwork, friendship, agility, support for others, family, & joy… a peek at
I GOT AN AWARD! short story #2 in MOMMY, I AM A PACER!

Mommy, I Am a PACER!
I Got an Award!
The Story of Agility
This book is about the letter A in PACER: AGILITY. Agility is the ability to anticipate
change and act quickly and pro-actively.
I urge you to read this book with your child, at least once. Live it with him, and encourage him to do the activity at the end of the book.
I hope this book changes your life, as being a PACER changed mine.
Dear Child,
“I invite you to use your imagination and co-illustrate the book with me.”
Badiaa Hiresh

I play soccer with the school team. The nice thing about my team is that we welcome
kids to play with us from the neighborhood. Those kids become our friends. We share the
same soccer ball together and the same outfit and our group of friends becomes bigger.  I don’t know about you, but I love to have lots of friends! Do you have friends?
Getting close to the final game of the season, Coach Roger asked us to join him on the
soccer field one day before the match.
He ordered pizza to the field, and he placed blankets on the grass where we sat and had
dinner. Then he said: “I am sure you are wondering why we are dining together on our field. Usually, people dine together as a family and as friends at home.
Tomorrow, as you play, I want you to remember that this is your home. You should be proud of what you have accomplished, regardless of the results. Play for you, for your friends and family, have fun but defend your home.
I am proud of you, and here is your award!”

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