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“My words said Let’s Take a walk, and my mind was saying Take a Hike!
I don’t know about you but at times despite the rule of saying the right thing, I feel like saying what is in my heart…
Sadly, for many reasons, and each of us, has their own, we continuously play the devil’s advocate and try to save the day…
I learned with time, that some days could not be saved, and the devil shall always be the devil!
The sad part, is when you don’t say what is on your mind, but they take a hike anyways, you lose the pleasure of saying it… anyways, I will keep on doing what in my mind is the right thing!”

Author of
Where is My Angel? Book by #MOI and Read about when people left my life, the day after

Mommy I am a PACER! Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change…

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