Let us remember the day we felt breathless, we had no time for self, and more importantly no time to enjoy ourselves.
Let me share my experience with you. There was a time, not far back, when I used to put my clothes on and leave the house without looking at the mirror, because I did not care about myself to see how I looked. I can tell you, I know I looked great, but the truth is, I did not see my soul in the mirror.
I was breathing to survive, but not to live…
Till one day, I told myself, enough, no one will drag me down anymore…
I cannot lie and say it was easy… no it wasn’t!
But only you can say enough for you, and only you can revive your soul, and that only, when you remember that you are a very precious person and you deserve to live and be happy!

Where is My Angel? the book I wrote and through its words I revived my soul!