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Chapter 1: During the day, I stayed in school. Education was my priority. In the evenings, my voice was getting higher and stronger, and more people were coming into town. Farmville was growing, as I was, and as much as that was an advantage, it made me more susceptible to harassment by drunk men as a single young woman alone.

I started to understand my parents’ point of view, but nevertheless, I did not look back. The ocean became my mother and confidante. I missed my father’s hugs, and I missed my mother’s kisses and words of reassurance, but I found a safe haven in a treasure box filled with little notes and thoughts I used to write every time I sat by the ocean.
& That is how Alexandra’s life started

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I am the author, telling you if you cannot remember how precious life is; hopefully, these books will highlight some moments of your life and the strength in yourself and others.

& while reading, remind yourself;
It’s life, not a book;
It’s a woman, not a character;
It’s reality & not a story!

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