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That little child had a dream; all she ever wanted was a family, memories, and growth…
Instead, she was deprived of her right to dream, and her memories were stolen and buried.

That little child understood that with time, memories would hold her back; she let go…
That little child understood that family is not only the one we are born into but also the one we grow into…
That little child understood that, at times, she needs to create her own starting point and consider it her birth moment!

Life and its moments, as time passes, we realize that establishing new beginnings has its own dues… and the fee we endorse makes us more robust and shrewd.
The only difference between us is the dues one is ready to pay!

#MOI Our life, our memories, and our dues!
Abigail understood that bystanders should take an active role in their community… no fear! Check Mommy, I am a PACER!

“I reached the boat, turned around, and stood there waiting for the siren signal. Soon after, they pulled the rail out. Although I couldn’t stop my tears, I started feeling strength fill my soul. Those will be my last tears Farmville, I told myself. I will not feel sorry for myself. Instead, I will pull myself together, and with almighty power, I will move on..”  Alexandra Chapter 2 Check Life’s Detours – Alexandra’s Choices

& “I told myself back then, Finally, I got savedby a holy power, and here he is sending his angels to pull me back.” Chapter 3 Check my biography Where is My Angel?
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I am the author, telling you if you cannot remember how precious life is; hopefully, these books will highlight some moments of your life and the strength in yourself and others.

& while reading, remind yourself;
it’s life, not a book;
it’s a woman, not a character;
it’s reality & not a story!

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*Life’s Detours – Alexandra’s Choices —–>Can broken hearts be mended?
*Where is My Angel? —–> about the role of faith in my life
*Mommy, I am a PACER!—–> because I believe that children are the future, the change…
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