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“Those will be my last tears, Farmville, I told myself. I will not feel sorry for myself.
Instead, I will pull myself together, and with almighty power, I will move on.”

A peek at Chapter 2 of Life’s Detours, Alexandra’s Choices

& how many times in our life have we stood there fearing to look back… many, all of us, our heart crashes, yet, we make it, we survive, and we launch again;
whether happily or missing the past, we do it;
whether forced upon us or willingly, we do it;
we do it because simply life goes on…

So whether we are following our dreams or moving with the flow of past actions, we shall all, one day, pause and wonder… what if the day I stood at that crossroads, I had taken the other route… the answer, of course, is uncertain…
Again, a statement from the synopsis of Life’s Detours, Alexandra’s Choices
Again, a statement from my life
Again, a statement I am sure you used at least once in your life!

#MOI Woman to Woman around the World…
I am the author behind the books & the woman that knows how it feels!

I invite you to check the books, the characters, & their lives.

I tell you the following: if you get a chance to read my books, remember
it’s a life, not a book;
it’s a woman, not a character;
it’s a reality & not a story!

Read the books and get inspired…


Get inspired, Stand again, You are not alone!
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