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“Love yourself, today, tomorrow, and every day.
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Tip #10: Setting boundaries!

Setting boundaries is a critical action when it comes to interaction with people. When a child says no, parents, at times, find it disrespectful, while it is building character; & instead of saying “we don’t say no when asked to do something, it is better to teach our children how to say no… how to communicate… how to answer! It is called communication, it usually is with more than one person, and it is the most successful skill one can learn for life!

My daughters used to throw a fit when I used to say no; it was just the two-letters word they did not like to be told; I learned to say instead, how about if, a sentence that made them feel respected, it made them feel recognized within the decision process, and entitled to their own opinion.

When a woman says “ask me before you decide” or “ask me next time” in the relationship, she is taken as a strong woman while remembering this is her right to be part of the decision process. When a woman says no, it’s because, mostly, she was not asked or expected not to have an opinion.

1- it is radical to ask a question with potential options in the answer; otherwise, it is called
a one-sided conversation.
2- You are not letting people down if you have changed their plans.
3- Your time is precious and must be respected.
4- You did an act of kindness once, and it does not mean it’s a routine.
5- You are not the growth rock of others, meaning they talk about you sarcastically to feel better about themselves.
6- You are entitled to a nonchalant break.
7- You have the right to close the door that bothers you.
8- You can start today loving yourself, or any day, with no guilt feeling.
9- You have the right to change without explanation, but explanation helps you liaise successfully.
10- Do not be fooled by the right and wrong principles because boundaries could rise with different situations, and they do not come in a handbook.

After those ten points, let me remind you that we set boundaries not because we do not like others but simply because we love ourselves!”

#MOI I set boundaries because I learned to love myself!

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