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“Love yourself today and every day, day 2 tip…
What does it mean? Follow the series of daily tips until the end of May!

You are unique

Look at the mirror before you leave the house this morning,
tell yourself three achievements you have accomplished.
Try to remember who was with you during the process.
Go back in time to the day you started a project.
Compare yourself today to yourself that day.
Greet and applaud yourself.
It is time to move forward; what matters is to remember that YOU did and achieved all your successes; you do not owe anything to anyone; they may have stood by you simply because you deserved it, but you owe your success to yourself, for knowing how to handle the low parts of life.

#MOI when it comes to comparison, compare yourself yesterday to yourself today, not to others.
You are your own energy, and you are the center of your day!

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