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“International me! I celebrate #MOI every day…
Yesterday was April 29, International Dance Day, which is the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), the creator of modern ballet.
Today is April 30, International Jazz Day, according to the UN calendar of Holidays. It is meant to celebrate the historical, cultural, and educational contributions of this popular genre of music. The day aims to spread international awareness about this unique musical style and to promote the cultural, and social values that Jazz stands for.

Every day is a day to celebrate something special, a memory, an event, someone in history. I like to celebrate those days, first, they highlight people that changed the world; other times, the celebration is a reminder of cruelty, to stand by our ancestors, pray for the lost souls, in genocides and war, and a reminder so we all contribute to make the world a safer place; and at times it is to celebrate events like yesterday and today, Art, Music, & Dance, and their importance to individuals as therapy, as communication, as messages, and as happiness.

Reaching the purpose of this message, every day we live is a special day because it’s about me. I make it special, to me, and those around me.
Remember to celebrate yourself, to show those around you how you value yourself. There will be only one of you, and that person deserves to be noticed!”
#MOI I am a wonderful person, are you?

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