“The StarFish child story…
Back when I was a director and peace education coordinator at school, I spoke to the students and we decided to embrace a less privileged child from the public school sector and move her to our private school.

The child was called The StarFish child, after the proverb and stories of Giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teaching a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The child was chosen based on social status, finances, and academics. & trust me when I say, a less privileged child, she was in every sense of the meaning, as for academics, she was top of her class in the public school sector.

She joined our school, she was well received by everyone, the school psychologist followed up closely on her emotional and social development, and I followed up on her academics.

I knew it was not easy, although she made a few new friends, although she was offered uniform and stationery like everyone else, her life had changed.
Although she had a very strong personality, she was academically strong, she was outspoken, but I could sense her fear.
Was the fear of moving to a new school like any other child? probably, but she made it.
She succeeded, and on, one year after the other, she reached high school. & oops, I left, and she failed her Bacc II. I kept on trying, asking her to work hard, in order to enroll her in culinary school, but I failed.
Why did she fail? was I her sign of comfort? did she get lost in high school? did the culture shock hit her late in the process? so many questions, she could not pass the Bacc II until this day, I am still trying.

COVID life hit us all, she was working as a cashier, she was laid off; I received a call, and someone was asking for a companion for a senior. I contacted her and told her it was good money, it was a sleepover job, and she could save the money for university once life was restored.
I explained to her the importance of the job she is taking, that the senior person has accidents, and she would need to be a doctor and a nurse, something she helped doing at home with her parents and siblings; I told her this could be an opportunity for her to reach her dream, to be the lawyer she always wanted to be; she took on the job, she was doing great, I was following up on her, but the senior person had to be transported to the hospital, and she went back to being jobless.
Soon after, I contacted her, and she said she took on the same job, with another family; I was very happy for her, but reminded her, that this was a transitional phase and not a permanent job.

The pandemic was still hitting everywhere, the economical situation in the country was falling apart, people started emigrating, we had a lack in the medical sector like many other sectors; I received a call from the starfish child one day, telling me, she was admitted to become a nurse at one of the major hospitals in Lebanon, and she was so happy!

The moral of the story, fate put her in the family she was born to, but destiny was in her own hands.
Was it wrong to move her to the private educational sector? In my heart, I say, I gave her an opportunity, and it was up to her to fight her way through!
Did she struggle? I know she did, but she proved to be strong enough!
Is she going to succeed? she already did, and she is not done yet!”

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