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Meet Shadow… a true story!

Being a dog lover, they always had the idea of a dog in their future.

Making sure that dogs are welcome in the house they rented, making sure they can take him to the beach, park, friends, etc… & they kept talking about hugging the puppy, loving, and training them.

So, one day, they started following the dog shelter pages in their area, on Instagram, &, accordingly, were notified of the walk a dog day.

They went, & while everyone, was favoring the adoption of a puppy, they wrote their name down to walk Shadow. Shadow was the quiet, four years old dog, with a medical case and history.

Truth is, the couple fell in love with Shadow, and decided to write their name for adoption.

The agency came and visited them, then approved the two weeks trial hosting period.

They picked up Shadow, got him home, got his meds, brought him a huge bed, toys, food, treats, leach, cover, dog powder, passport, etc… & while I was asking about his medical case, they said it is kidney related, and must be on meds throughout his life.

In my heart, I was happy for the dog, but was concerned about the fact they weren’t so clear about the medical case, as they didn’t know more!

Anyway, Shadow was in a “temporary” home, they had one concern, whether his medical case was in any sort of contagious disease transferable to humans or other pets, yet, Shadow was already living with them, and well hosted!

So they contacted the vet, he read the medical records, and explained, that yes, Shadow must take his med throughout his life, but he, like most dogs in the area, do, due to a tick bite living in that country🤷‍♀️.

Shadow is going to the vet today, they will be testing him for anemia, & as far as they are concerned, they have adopted Shadow, and they are ready to handle his case, and offer him a home!

Did I tell you that was my daughter and her boyfriend I am talking about?

Well, to be honest, I was so proud of them, for adopting, for adopting a junior age dog and not a puppy, as everyone goes for puppies, and for adopting Shadow and his imperfections, and offering him a home with abundance love. & When I say, abundance, you have to see it, to believe it!

#MOI, a proud mommy, & as I told my daughter yesterday, Dog’s Heaven is sending its prayers to you both!

Meet Shadow…

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