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Day 22 & Sneak peek at the end of chapter 1

“No, no, no, I said. I screamed and screamed, but time was faster than my words, and what happened could never be corrected. I cried like a baby and wished time had frozen earlier, but it was too late.”

Alexandra stood in the void, alone…
She knew it was time to embark on the journey, armed with faith & determination!

We all have faced crossroads in life where we stood wondering how to face the unknown…

How did you feel?

How old were you?

Were you alone?

#MOI the author behind the books and the woman that knows how you feel!

Author of
Life’s Detours, Alexandra’s Choices published with Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster
Where is My Angel? published with Novum Publishing
Mommy, I am a PACER! published with Dorrance Publishing
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