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Welcome to today’s very unique topic to me and to all the women out there and if you have a specialty you would like to share with the world, contact me!
Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about the miracle of life
Being an internationally published author, an active blogger, and a social media advocate, and since I believe in working together via different means to raise continuous awareness and ease the concern many of us women out there have, I decided to have this session.
During the confinement, I launched my I channel on YouTube, where I conducted live interviews with over 70 guests to entertain my audience and mainly to promote online businesses and raise continuous awareness about different topics; & here is where the idea of hosting guests came from.
Therefore I invited people to join me, with simple interviews to introduce them to the world, and help spread awareness within their specialty, and field of expertise
Today’s topic
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding nutrition
Pre during and post
Welcome to my page Myriam Dirani •
Preparing the body for pregnancy
• Pre diet plan
• Exercise
• During pregnancy
• Is there a pregnancy nutrition plan you recommend women to follow?
• What is a normal weight gain during pregnancy?
• How is this weight gain distributed through trimesters? And through a woman’s body?
• Post-delivery
• Breastfeeding nutrition/diet plan (extra calories – protein – vitamins – supplement – caffeine – fluids)
• Is food intake/diet plan related to mother and child’s weight?
• What are the risk factors standing in the way of Milk production?
• storing milk duration
• Losing weight
• Back in shape
Benefits of breastfeeding for Mother Benefits of breastfeeding for the baby
the miracle of life with @myriam_nutritional_tips


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