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“Date #3, I like, but I am not sure he is coming back.
I think I blew it. Let me explain while being honest with you.
Plain story A to Z. I had known this guy for a long while, actually, I worked with him as a supplier like twenty years ago.

He was persistent in the request, he was calm, giving space, enough space to want to see him, and asking for more attention, but too much space for me to forget him.

We went out for coffee, he tried to ask for more, like a drive, dinner, Netflix movie, wine, and no, no, no, I rejected all and asked to come back home.

He tried to hug me at the coffee shop, and wow, did hot water scroll down my back…
He held my hand, I had the goosebumps…
He touched my shoulder, and he made me feel like a teenager…
Did I like it?
Did I like him?
Did I want it?
Did I want him?
Or simply I was a bit outdated, or a lot, and I did not know how to date anymore!

He left, kept in touch via mobile and social media, I liked it, and if you can keep a secret, I tell you, I wanted…

One night, he ended up in my house, Rule #2 is broken, no one comes into my house! You do remember Rule #1, no going in anybody’s car, as well broken on our first date… so, to cut the long story short, he is a romantic…
Bee, careful what you wish for! When he came, he had a backpack, he opened it and got a delicious cold bottle of wine, I got the glasses, we sat, we chatted, we laughed, and then I asked about what was in the backpack.

Wow, then I fell, I willingly did, with all my senses, soberness, and alertness.

He had moonstones, he had all kinds of oils for my neck pain, he had the hands, he had the know-how, & he had me…
Use your imagination, I am still under the spell of his hands, to say no more…
After the excursion was completed, I asked him to leave(heartbroken emoji).

By the way, I missed a part, an important one, after the excursion, I did what I always hated done to me, step out directly, not allowing the feelings to sink in and simmer… (tears emoji), yes I know what it is, and what you are saying!

I am damaged goods, I will miss the right person due to past history, revenge is a dark road… But I will fix it because I want to… & if he will ever take me back(wondering emoji).

The truth is, yes, wounds never totally heal, there shall always be scars!”

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