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“For women only, let’s be honest, and let’s speak woman to woman, and heart to heart.
First let me start but sharing with you one thing, what I wanted to call this blog.

It was funny, and it’s a title that eventually I will be using one day, somewhere…

I ran the title by my advisor, and she negated it. I usually don’t give and take when I am convinced, I usually
like to challenge opinions when I am convinced, but really preferred to take the easy route out, unusual me,
and give in, so here was the birth of the blog YOUR EVERYDAY COFFEE, YOUR THOUGHTS WHILE HAVING COFFEE.

Honestly, the underlying thoughts were, and still are, where no one ever touched you, especially when I am having my coffee. Imagine, coffee, and not drink, meaning sober, meaning alert, meaning rational, meaning honest.

The goal of this blog, is to speak-up, speak-up for me, and more importantly for you. So, yes, let’s talk about that, and let’s be honest about where no one ever touched you! or me!

Let’s talk about men, and respectfully to all those who believe they know where to touch a woman, are you sure you know?
A question long overdue. (full stop)
At my age, today, and I have stopped at many stations, I, yet to say, have been touched where I want to be touched.
I lived it all, trust me, proudly, and no regrets; none was a keeper. I am not difficult, I am a very easy woman to handle, and I always tell my male friends, and gentlemen, TOUCH HER WHERE NO ONE EVER DID!
The first reaction is the dominance smile, the no eye-contact look, and the erotic thoughts, sad, but true.

Dear Male, and Gentleman,
Before you fly away with your thoughts, know that women are very simple individuals, we want to be touched where no one ever touched us & here are some tips!

  • Make us want you!
  • Technology killed the romance
  • Pretend you are a movie star
  • Send a real flower
  • Send a cup of coffee and cake
    & now let’s be more detailed…
  • Kiss her on the forehead
  • What ever happened to the hand kissing
  • Caress her shoulders, and stop at the shoulders!
  • Laugh and get to know each other
  • Read between the lines, try to hear the unsaid
  • Leave the past in the past until it’s time to discuss it
  • Don’t set yourself as a competition to her past, instead be the difference
  • & when the consent is given to jump the rope, let her feel that is is about passion and not benefits,
    give her the right to start twirling the rope. It’s okay to let the date be about her.
  • Let her feel that admire every piece of her
  • Let her accept you
  • Let her feel understood, heard, and respected
  • Let her enjoy the moment!
    Remember to touch her where no one ever did, because this is the place that wrecked, and will wreck every journey…
    Trust, Respect, Passion, Love, Appreciation, and then see the memories building up, simply because, you touched her where no one ever did!”

#MOI Testimonial of a runaway from every blind date simply because no one ever knew …