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“I did it before. It is not new for me to drop without a parachute, nor unusual to bounce back; &, as I said in my
biography, WHERE IS MY ANGEL? “The heavier the past or current events were, the stronger the bounce was. That was my strength, a strategy I learned early in life, and never failed me.”

I come to you today with an apology, apology for my being honest yesterday when sharing my low moments… and mostly for thanking you for your kind private messages, you made me feel heard, special, and mostly, you reminded me that I was not alone!

It feels good to talk, to have someone you share your thoughts and emotions with, it is something I never did. I was always the one taking on the load, and barely had time to unload mine.

Anyway… Here is how I did it before, and let’s see whether it is still working, where is my diary?

  • Writing makes people feel good, so get a paper, diary, copybook, and write down anything that comes to mind. Scribble, notes, ideas, dreams…
  • Keep the healthy habits in the back of the mind, don’t over stress on the weight gain, if you are like me, and find a refuge in binge-eating, try to compensate with walks, swimming, drinking water, etc… and time will heal this habit, especially when you look at yourself and see that you did not forget your body.
    You see, food is like a band aid, we use it to feed our soul, no matter how we react, we need to do the feeding, so it’s ok to use food for a short period of time, but remember to compensate, until rationality and healing start taking place. Some smoke, some drink, I eat. That is why the next point is important.
  • Talk to a friend. In my case, I feel that sometimes friends drown me deeper, because they usually come to me to psych them up. But it is important to have someone aware of your chute, fearing the mistake of doing something foolish.
  • Be the master of your mind. Remind yourself of the good things in your life, find them. See the beauty in you. Collect memories of successful and happy incidents. Accept the drop, you are only human. & remind yourself that you deserve to be happy and successful. (My next book, and my biography book both discuss those points).

Last, life is a series of exciting moments, and yes, we appreciate the ups more after the downs we overcome.”
#MOI so, here comes a new ordeal to deal with, another phase!
I will keep you posted about this new phase of my memoir… Thank you. dear reader.

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