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“The feeling when your ex finds love…

First, let me tell you, I knew something happened when he stopped contacting me for coffee. Then, when we occasionally met, he did not make eye contact, then, the best one was when he unfriended me on Facebook!

I knew something happened but I did not know to what extent, then someone confirmed it to me.

Now, as I am talking to you, I wish you can hear me scream. A silent scream that is saying:

  • Oh, now you know how to love
  • Oh, now you care for someone that you want to make happy
  • Oh, now you believe in having a relationship
  • Oh, now you want to have someone in your bed
  • Oh, now you don’t mind someone asking you about your day
  • Oh, now you are putting effort into a discussion
  • Oh, now you are flirting
  • Oh, now you want physical contact

Oh, Oh, Oh, … I am screaming from the bottom of my lungs, I am angry, I am devastated!

Am I jealous? Oh! Probably a little. Not because he found love, but simply because he is daring to trust love again!

I found love many time. The rebound, the rebound, the rebound again… I found a problem in each rebound because the problem was in me, I couldn’t trust again!

So, if you ask me whether I am jealous, I say, yes, simply because he is not as damaged as I am from our relationship, and in other words, it looks like, pain was not relative to him as it was to me!

So, yes, I am jealous of the factor that he can easily move forward with his life! But…

I will be watching, because, I am happy someone else will be there to be the witness! Am I right to feel this way?!”

#MOI The jealous EX! I, too, deserve to find true love!

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