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“Only if you knew what you did to me… Exactly my thoughts when I looked at my life and wondered why I no longer trust anyone in the sack!

They lie, believe it, live it…
They forget they lied…
The lie becomes their life —> Their life becomes a lie
Circle of Trust(…)

Let me tell you the outcome of your actions. I want to change the world for others… Every time a man approaches me I end up analyzing him, and wondering when he’s going to show his true colors… while I encourage my friends to give themselves a chance for true love, as I believe in it, I believe in fairytales, I believe in soulmates, I believe in second chances. As for the male friends, I end up coaching them for what women want and how they should be treated… but wait, where am I, why am I still hiding behind a firewall?

Simply because the wound is very deep, and it keeps on popping to surface every once in a while..,”

#MOI & all I can tell you, enjoy your lie… life (Funny, how important the letter F is!)
Still walking the path…