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Status, packing… Destination, unknown… When people say, I want stability in my life, I understand them. Nothing beats a roof over our head, four walls to secure within, and beautiful people living together that I call a family. I see there warmth, I can almost smell the cooking, I can imagine the quarrels & laughters, I can see crowd, and life as we call it!

But why am I enjoying my life in a suitcase, and why am I enjoying my on-the-go adventure? A question I am asking myself…

Is it time to change?

Has home been missing something?

None. I am simply feeling the rush of the unknown, the excitement of a new journey, I am reliving the dream of an adolescent thirsty for exploring a new horizon… & I want freedom…

But, freedom? A caged soul calling for fresh starts!

#MOI Cheers to the unknown, footsteps!