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What is next? Said Sunday…”When words silenced and emptiness diffused, the world stood there watching, waiting, & wondering… What is next. A three word statement describing life as is today.

On a global level, we are living or rather surviving life with COVID, a pandemic that changed our perspective towards life whether we admit the existence of the virus or not.

Losing loved ones, going through the symptoms, living the side effects, draining in the world economy, & enjoying the vaccine…

Yes or No, take the vaccine or not, believing in its efficacy or not, is always another form of human controversy that again will play a role in defining the end of the virus.

But going back to a personal level while sitting outside on the balcony of my daughter’s house in Limassol… peaking at the ocean while rather wandering in the horizon, about my life, came the question of what is next… said Sunday.

For those following me on Instagram, you must have noticed yesterday’s story announcing my next post:

Post 1k! & wow what a journey… a journey defined by a pandemic, developed on a double due its outcome, nurtured by my daughters’ life development, & of course fed by my dreamer spirit…

yes, what is next…

So I invite you to follow me on Badiaa Hiresh Instagram , let’s celebrate post 1k together.

The post is cooking or baking but definitely not putting a draft. As you all noticed by now, I am an impulsive person which explains the natural messy hair look, the plan is in my head, and will draft itself once I go live!

Join me, stay tuned, or else you will watch it here. So #MOI What is next, said Sunday

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