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Welcome to Interviews and Introduction of Rising Authors #20,
I am #MOI, Badiaa, & tonight we are getting to know Author Decent Bharo
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Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author, help me welcome to my page, Author Decent Bharo!

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Join me to congratulate Decent Bharo for his book titled CHISIPITI CHEZVIVI (translate to A Fountain of Sins), don’t forget to like the post and write your review if you have a chance to read the book that was published on March 10, 2017 by Pen Featherz Media and is available via Amazon.

Author’s full names: Clever Mukanya Pen name: DBharo (Decent Bharo)
Book Genre: Anthology of poems

About the Author

DBharo is a 33 agedZimbabwean Playwright, Scenarist and a published Author based in South Africa. He is the Founding Father of DBHARO CINEMATIX, which is also known with a trade mark: Golden Touch Filmmarq. Shortened as GTF, a new voice yet to find a website and soon to glow. As the Corporate Executive, DBharo takes roles as a Scriptwriter, Director, Producer and Video Editor.

During the term of his junior studies, DBharo participated in local drama competitions as an Actor. One of his best and memorable role, when he acted as a humble Doctor (2001).

Since back 2005, DBharo always told himself someday he would become a Storyteller. Time shifted from mountain to mountain as he went to Botswana before he came to South Africa.
Among his published writings, a play: MANERA (2015),an anthology of poems: CHISIPITI CHEZVIVI (2017)and today STAR OF THE SKY (2021) – the movie.

Book Synopsis:

CHISIPITI CHEZVIVI is an Anthology of Shona poems which the title translates to a fountain of sins. A forty-five paged book comprises fourteen (14) poems which all transverse to Author’s emotions ranging from mild discontentment. It has with such deep grief of earthly concerns, particularly for the wretched people.

The world itself has eventually turned into sinking ship full packed with wickedness. All falls under the propelling of racial discrimination, hatred, family issues, sightless and miracle-worship. The world is in a panic due to outbreak of epidemic sicknesses. Such uncontrollable wickedness is causing poverty, especially for the underprivileged within African continent.

Word from Author to the reader:

Our lives are getting into a deep ravine of no return. As we all mourn to earthly concerns but there is a sudden light which has brought through this book. It is a mind and eye opener for all those who cannot actually see where the ship is leading us into darkness.

However, none can deny that reading is a future loving cup of coffee which everyone would love enjoying one all the times. All kinds of victuals can perish after a specified and limited time, but written works are flowers of wisdom which will forever blooming until only if the world has gone under evocation. Reading Chisipiti Chezvivi is such a blessing while the creativity of words can sharpen your meditation. What the next world will be like tomorrow? Like a fruit, peel and enjoy Chisipiti Chezvivi.

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International Standard Book Number: 9780797478886
Link to the book: CHISIPITI CHEZVIVI: Muunganidzwa weNhetembo: Bharo, Decent, Munyuki, Tatenda C: 9780797478886: Amazon.com: Books