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Welcome to Interviews and Introduction of Rising Authors #18,
I am #MOI, Badiaa, & tonight we are getting to know Author Ravindra Rao
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Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author, help me welcome to my page, Author Ravindra Rao writing under Pen Name Haribakth & Vaishnavi Rao!

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Therefore, I invited authors to join me, with simple interviews to introduce them to the world, and help them get their voice heard, in the hope that one of the clicks will be the magic button to their success!

Join me to congratulate Ravindra Rao for his book titled Aksara Bhagavad Gita, don’t forget to like the post and write your review if you have a chance to read the book that will be published on the 25th of December, 2020 under the Imprint Book Mitra and is available via Amazon.

Author’s full name Ravindra Rao writing under Pen Name Haribakth & Vaishnavi Rao
Book title
Aksara Bhagavad Gita

Book Genre
Mixed-Religion-Hindu-Philosophy-Sacred Writings-Hermeneutics

Publishing date & Publisher                         
25th Dec 2020.  Mark My Book under the Imprint Book Mitra.

Link to book
International Standard Book Number – ISBN 978-8194416791

About the Author                           

Ravindra Rao, aka Haribakth is a retired IT officer from a state owned Bank. Holds a Masters degree in Commerce & a degree in Law from Marathwada University, Aurangabad, India.

Vaishnavi graduated as an Interior Designer from Shivaji University, Kolhapur and undertakes freelancing assignments. Illustration and Art is a passion and hobby

Book Synopsis                 
Aksara Bhagavad Gita offers a universal interpretative paradigm to interpret any scripture  of any religion, philosophy, or ideology. The said concepts and its substantiation is brought home by crafting a story around it. Christina is a student of inter-religious studies and has come down to Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University on a student exchange program from Florida University. She befriends Haripriya in Gita study group. They share a common bond of seeking truth rather than believe blindly. A debate ensues within the group styled Dharam Rakshak, with each individual espousing their differing ideologies as the only correct version of the Gita to the exclusion of any other version. A debate ensues under the watchful eye of Justice Parthasarathy. In the debate, Haripriya presents her new paradigm which subsumes all the isms existing in the Gita or any other ideology/philosophy, and which play a determining role in interpreting of the Gita or any other scriptures/philosophy.  All her claims and hypothesis is sourced from the Gita. During the course of the debate, she substantiates all her claims and other issues that cropped up in course of the debate Her unorthodox but logical take on the subject puts Professor in a moral dilemma of being true to his belief/faith or true to his profession. He vindicates his loyalty to both by extending his legal acumen to the realm of spirituality and convening an Omni-Jury.

Word from the Author to the reader
It isn’t by chance that you are reading this but by divine game plan. An enormous responsibility has been thrust on you. You being a reader are among the privileged few who are literate, thinking animal endowed with discriminating faculties. God is one, by whatever name you may call Him. All religions are one, whatever be the nomenclature. That you practice rituals and prayers different from others doesn’t alter the above truths. God hasn’t asked you to indulging in killing one another in the name of religion or in upholding His superiority, which is independent of your fighting or otherwise of the same.  You are all privy to God’s universal message of His singularity and Universalism. You are also privy to nuances to interpretation of God’s words. Please share this with your less fortunate brothers and help discriminate between truth & untruth, Gods words & others and also the true import of His words.

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