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“The joy of an injection…
I woke up this morning to a message on my phone, bip bip, I checked my messages, and guess what?
It was a message from the Ministry of Public Health COVAX center.
Literally, I stood still, I wanted to open the message I already knew its content, simply to know which vaccine was offered to me.

It was an emotional moment, mixed with joy, wonder, and fear.
Joy, feeling lucky my turn came, feeling happy that once vaccinated I could travel easily to be with the family, feeling more secure that my chances of getting the virus are diminishing…
Wonder, about what happened to our world, about those who lost the battle to COVID right when the vaccine was out, about the days life will get back to normal and we can hug each other, about going out without concern of who is a carrier, and to whom am I going to carry the virus to…
& Fear… I was called for AstraZeneca, should I take it, with all the messages we are hearing, but then I tell myself, think about the number of people protected with AstraZeneca, instead of those who had a reaction…
I don’t know, I am concerned, and sharing my concern privately with you… What do you think?

Honestly, I miss people, I miss hugging people as I am a person that believes in the magic of the touch, I miss life…”
#MOI #Helpme decide… so should I go with the flow of the joy of an injection or wait until another brand is offered?




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