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Welcome to Interviews and Introduction of Rising Authors #13,
I am #MOI, Badiaa, & tonight we are getting to know Author Niekkunj Rathod.
Authors out there, remember, if you have a story to tell, and want to share your book to share with the world, contact me!

Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author, help me welcome to my page, Author Niekkunj Rathod!

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During the confinement, I launched my I channel on YouTube, I conducted live interviews with over 60 guests to entertain my audience, to highlight online businesses and careers, and mainly to raise continuous awareness about different topics, all sessions are uploaded on my I Channel, News, & Broadcasts; & here is where the idea of promoting authors came from.

Therefore, I invited authors to join me, with simple interviews to introduce them to the world, and help them get their voice heard, in the hope that one of the clicks will be the magic button to their success!

Join me to congratulate Niekkunj Rathod for her book titled Fat 2 Fit, don’t forget to like the post and write your review if you have a chance to read the book that was published August 6th, 2020 by Notion Press and is available via Amazon on the below links.

International Standard Book Number – ISBN-10 : 1649832834,
ISBN-13 : 978-1649832832

Link to book : https://www.amazon.in/Fat-2-fit-Nikunj-Rathod/dp/1649832834/

Kindle Version Link of My Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DPXM1TV

Genre : Health and Fitness

About the Author
Nikunj Rathod is born and raised in a small town of Gujarat, India.
Nikunj considers his faith and family to be most important to him. Nikunj believes in spirituality, humanity and patriotism the most, and he considers materialistic success is just a bi-product of a person’s actual success. Fat 2 Fit is Nikunj’s first book in the health and fitness category.

Book Synopsis
It is basically my story of how systematically I lost my weight. Nikunj who comes to know that he is in obese category by weight. He decides to lose his weight under any circumstances. But that is not an easy process for him. He tries everything he joins the gym, he tries diets, various medicines he decides to go even for surgery. One day he and his wife sitting and scrolling through the SM in their phones fell into a serious discussion that became the turning point of Nikunj’s life. Nikunj himself established a system of weight loss and he succeeded! His success inspired him to help others who were facing the same problem in the process of weight loss. 

Word from the Author to the reader
Do you think Weight loss Processes are always harsh and boring? I do not think so.
Yes, why go harsh? when you do it so easily and happily!
Happy Weight loss to you all! I have Written this book on the basis of my self-experiences and by interviewing 50 people who were obese and already in weight loss process.

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