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The United Nations is pleased to invite you to the United Nations observance of International Women’s Day 2021. This year’s theme is “Women in Leadership”. Look at your ACHIEVEMENTS: Look at your life and take pride in your day-to-day accomplishments, successes. performances that are changing your surroundings… READINESS: Always ready, always there, always ahead… you are ready, can’t you feel it? CLASSIFY YOURSELF: If you cannot hear the lioness roaring inside of you, no one else will. It is the power of your soul that will move you forward, start roaring, close your eyes, and roar! Women are the ARC of life, the energy of their entourage, and the wind blowing the sail in the right direction. Find it, see it, feel it, and show it to the world. Nothing is granted free in life, Claim it first, and let others understand last! I wish you a blissful day, walk tall and take the lead wherever you were born to land! Happy International Women’s Day, Live to celebrate yourselves today and every day!
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