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“The last Sunday of 2020… as I was sipping my coffee, it hit me, how time flies.
I wanted to relate 2020 to the Chinese zodiac, or astrology zodiac, to their traits, to their elements, to anything in this world… Yet. I did not find a correlation among any.
In life, I am a woman that reads signs, I am superstitious, I respect the Holy power but in the understatement, I fear questioning it; I am someone that reasons, I even try to analyze people’s action when non-reasonable and heartless; I am someone that steps back to have a different view at the picture and try to understand it… Yet, 2020 was not a year where I could practice those skills!
It all started in October 2019, and the bridge to 2020… the revolution in our country, the political corruption, the job cuts, the road closures, the financial concerns… and not only on a personal level!
COVID followed with all its concerns and the fear for our loved ones; Schools were interrupted, the jobs took a different approach, families were split, communication became virtual, as for handshaking, hugs, and kisses, they became oldies and forbidden!
August 4, 6:07 pm in Lebanon, an explosion took place in the heart of Beirut. Pain, screaming, blood, and fear, took over the streets of the city; minutes longer than years while we were trying to find out who survived this horrible tragedy and what did really happen; between thanking God for having one daughter being abroad due to the current situation in the country and trying to know whether the other one survived the unknown, the longest minutes of my life passed, I saw the flow of my blood freezing in my veins, and felt anger, fear, and called God’s name six billion times!
2020. A year where life, well, non-defined I call it, has changed!

I am using simple terms to discuss this world fiasco, simply to discuss 2020, & mainly my life in 2020.
Being someone that always tries to find the best in people and situations, being someone that always tries to take advantage of lost moments, I tell you… the human mind is a treasure waiting to be excavated!
I found healthy habits inside solitude…
I found talent online by starting my online channel interviews…
I found peace in my life by reminding myself of my strength…
I found my weak emotional points and learned to lean on myself…
I found a way to show support to those who needed it the most, virtually…
I found mechanisms to recall that life stops only when we drop our wings and stop flying, dreaming, thinking, having the will to continue…
I found some missing pieces to the puzzle of my life, is it finished, no, because I remembered that life goes on, every new day is a gift with its own pieces of puzzles, to add and enlarge the main picture.”
#MOI on this last Sunday of 2020, sit back, sip your coffee, smell the roses, blow the candles, and remember that time is ticking to start a fresh new year!
2021 Oath:
I pledge to keep happy, healthy, and care for myself and those I love.
I promise not to change, to have empathy, and remain peaceful.
I will keep on seeing the best in people, and show my support.
I will and shall remain focused on my goals!