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“Are you ready for a new day?
it is the question we never ask ourselves, while it is a question that requires determination and assertiveness.

Like the flow of water in the river, days are passing,
like an over circulated road, wrinkles are deepening,
and like the old pictures, our mirror is looking sepia colors…

Am I spending my days thinking about the past?
Am I spending my days waiting for the next day?
Am I spending my day living the day as it is packaged?
Well, let me assure you, I wish our life had come with a manual or a road map, but no, it does not, and the only rules that apply to one’s life are practically the ones we lived by, practically by accepting them, or never thought why we accepted them, or feared questioning them.

Few among us revolt, and take a sharp turn in life, and walk up a steep hill. Those few may or may not succeed in life, but surely will have a story to tell.
The excitement of the story is based on our daring state of mind. If asked one might say, nine to five job, marriage, kids, braces, separation, probably divorce… while others might say, I traveled, hit rock bottom many times, tried different jobs, my heart broke many times, I am married now, happy, satisfyingly well-off, planning to…

The difference, one waits for events to happen, the other one rides every wave, and discovers the dark spots in the ocean fearfully, but end up living fearlessly!

So, are you ready for a new day? satisfaction does not mean wait for the end, there is no time appointed for a full stop… Satisfaction, rather means, enjoy the sepia colors as they are just another phase, make sure your embrace your wrinkles as each tells a story, and last, look forward to the new day and let this day have an adventure to tell!”

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