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Today is not about #MOI or my books; Today is about a rising author, Welcome to my page, Carl Porten!

I am an internationally published author, an active blogger, and a social media advocate. My followers are real, and I believe in working together via different means to provide and see change taking place with fellow authors.

During the confinement, I launched my I channel on YouTube, where I conducted live interviews with over 60 guests to entertain my audience but mainly to promote online businesses and raise continuous awareness about different topics; & here is where the idea of promoting authors came from.

Therefore, I invited authors to join me, with simple interviews to introduce them to the world, and help them get their voice heard, in the hope that one of the clicks will be the magic button to their success!

Join me to congratulate Carl Porten for his book titled A Poet’s Reverie, don’t forget to like the post and write your review if you have a chance to read the book that was published December 2020

Author’s Name: Carl Porten Book Title: A Poet’s Reverie
Publishing date and Publisher December 2020 by Blue Rose Publishers, New Delhi, India
ISBN: 978-93-5427-265-3
Here’s the link to my book for Amazon US:
A Poet’s Reverie – Kindle edition by Carl Porten. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


and ALSO AVAILABLE via other global Amazon platforms.

About The Author:

Carl Porten is an aspiring poet, a freelance writer and author of his new book of poems “A Poet’s Reverie”. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Paulo Coelho. This has been so true for Carl. Writing poems had always been on his bucket list and with this book, eventually, this dream has become a reality. He is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and being a vegan himself has been a part of many famous animal rights, vegan, earth and oceans conservation groups like Sea Shepherd and allied campaigns. Having an open ended approach to spirituality through respecting all life forms is what makes his poems so unique. His writings span many decades. Carl has developed an unique insight that illuminates through this book, that speaks for all of us. Carl’s abstract style of writing while describing his experiences extract emotions that can move your heart as if they were your very own, evoking an array of feelings as his words connect your soul to reflections rarely seen. A lifelong writer, Carl has been interpreting his unique perspectives within his poetry. With this first publication, he has become eligible for Wordsbrew Authors’ Award. His first collection of these poems is certain to cascade you through time and space, as if you were there yourself. Through this book, A Poet’s Reverie , the first of his many books, Carl has plans to publish, the readers will be able to relate to his journey, while they travel and share his enriching experiences through his vast imaginarium and itinerary of his vocal poems.

Book Synopsis:

“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.”~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. From the nominee of Wordsbrew Authors’ Award, first timeauthor, Carl Porten’s ”A Poet’s Reverie ” is a beautiful journey to bring Carl’s inspiring, poetic artwork to be unfolded like a reverie to the world as his poems deal with the themes of love, compassion, life , grief, veganism and nature conservation. Essentially Carl’s volume of poems permeates the spirit itself. That Carl had been a humanitarian and an activist for many decades all through his life and all of his unheard and untold life experiences help diversify his unique writing style when it comes to his poetries an undeniable fact. Carl’s poetry thus defies any genre and is all encompassing in the literal sense of the term as it touches all souls and all lives. This book is the testimony that shows how the universe manifests its power through lives as if these poems are a stream of reverie constituting a bigger cosmic tale that’s being told. To sum up your experience, Maugham’s idea can best describe your journey, “A state of reverie does not avoid reality, it accedes to reality.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham. Please enjoy this beautiful poetic work you’re going to cherish for the rest of your lives…in every heartbeat… “To lose one’s self in reverie, one must be either very happy, or very unhappy. Reverie is the child of extremes.”~ Antoine Rivarol.


The book is a compilation of my thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences faced in my life that inspired me to write this collection of poems, A Poet’s Reverie. My target audience for the book will be the ones who need the flicker of optimism and unbiased real world facts in their lives as my poems would help my target audience to do away with any illusory, unreal ideas about life, humans and animals, by life both included likewise and mother nature as well. Dreams like freedom, equality and even life today lack hope. I wish to bring hope about a more compassionate life, that would take us closer again to Mother Nature. In my search for perfection as an activist poet I realized my soul’s reverie as it poured out itself to give shape to my idealistic thoughts in pursuit of compassion, justice, love, fairness, and equality.

Here’s one of my favourite poems from the book: Hope you’d all enjoy reading it!!

A World beyond Dreams

I’ve taken a sip
from a chalice of gold,
an’ see clearly now
dreams my future doth hold.

I feel it rush through me
as rays of light,
open my doorway
to show what’s behind…

…and it’s beautiful,
like no other sight,
where a seed fills a garden
that bursts into life.

Thou shalt, thou shan’t,
thou can, thou can’t,
if we look deep inside
we can learn from our hearts,

that everything’s possible,
no dream’s too far
if we stretch past the place
where the sky hangs the stars…

An’ it’s really not far,
when the fuel in your heart’s
burnin’ love an’ compassion
we’ll blast past the stars

to a place where our world
an’ our future’s serene,
is the prize we’ll find
…in a world beyond dreams.

By Carl Porten

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